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6 best Resturants in Marbella with a view

Marbella with a view

Marbella with a view, its stunning coastline and picturesque Old Town, offers a plethora of dining experiences that are as much about the ambiance and views as they are about the food.

Here are six restaurants that stand out for their exceptional vistas and culinary delights:

  1. Primeria Selection – Known for its unique location, Primeria Selection offers diners breathtaking views along with a menu that blends local and international flavors .
  2. Los Marinos Jose – Situated in Fuengirola, close to Marbella, this restaurant is renowned for its fresh seafood and panoramic seaside views .
  3. The Grill at Marbella Club – This elegant restaurant provides a luxurious dining experience with views of the Mediterranean and a menu of classic European cuisine .
  4. Sea Grill Marbella – Located within the prestigious Puente Romano Beach Resort, the Sea Grill offers stunning ocean views and specializes in seafood and grilled meats .
  5. Mamzel Marbella – For those looking for a mix of Mediterranean and international dishes, Mamzel Marbella offers a trendy setting with views that are hard to beat .
  6. Nobu Restaurant Marbella – A part of the globally recognized Nobu chain, this restaurant combines signature Japanese dishes with Andalusian influences, all set against a backdrop of stylish decor and views of the bustling nightlife .

Primeria Selection

Primeria Selection is a distinguished spot in the heart of Marbella that blends the art of wine, gourmet tapas, and unique culinary experiences. It positions itself not just as a restaurant or wine bar but as a destination where every visit promises something memorable. This venue is celebrated for creating an atmosphere that invites you back time and again, emphasizing the joy and quality of what they serve.

The space is meticulously designed to offer a cool and welcoming environment, making it a perfect setting for wine enthusiasts and food lovers alike. Unlike traditional restaurants, Primeria Selection does not present a wine list. Instead, it offers a more personalized experience, likely guiding patrons through their wine choices with expertise and friendliness, underscoring their focus on quality service and exceptional products .

Their commitment extends beyond just serving food and wine; they aim to create a tapeo gourmet experience that showcases a unique style in Marbella. This is a place where wine, product, and gourmet tapas meet to form an unforgettable dining adventure .

These restaurants not only offer delicious cuisine but also the perfect settings to enjoy Marbella’s beautiful landscapes and vibrant atmosphere.

Enjoy the resturant in Marbella with a view

Los Marinos José

Los Marinos José, a revered seafood restaurant in Fuengirola, is celebrated as a temple for seafood lovers. It is strategically located along the beach, providing not just an exquisite dining experience but also an enchanting view. Esteemed for its dedication to offering the freshest and finest seafood, the restaurant operates under a schedule that caters to both lunch and dinner, from 13:00 to 16:00 for lunches and from 19:30 to 22:30 for dinners .

Accessibility to Los Marinos José is straightforward, especially for visitors coming from Malaga. The journey involves a simple train ride on the C1 line to Carvajal, which places you within easy reach of this culinary haven . The ambiance, characterized by its proximity to the sea, complements the exceptional seafood offered, making every meal a memorable experience.

Pricing at Los Marinos José ranges from moderate to high-end, reflecting the quality and exclusivity of the dishes prepared. Expect to invest between 60 to 80 euros on average for a meal that promises unparalleled freshness and culinary expertise .

Enjoy the resturant in Marbella with a view

The Grill at Marbella Club

The Grill at Marbella Club is a fine dining restaurant renowned for its expertise in serving exquisite meat dishes. Known for its use of the finest ingredients, The Grill promises a culinary experience that highlights both quality and culinary skill. This restaurant is part of the Marbella Club Hotel, a prestigious location known for offering top-tier dining options to its guests.

The Grill specializes in cooking meat to perfection, ensuring that each dish is a testament to the chef’s mastery over technique and flavor. The setting of The Grill, within the luxurious Marbella Club Hotel, adds an extra layer of elegance to the dining experience, making it an ideal choice for those looking to enjoy a sophisticated meal in a sumptuous environment.

Enjoy the resturant in Marbella with a view

Sea Grill Marbella

Sea Grill Marbella, located within the prestigious Puente Romano Beach Resort, is celebrated for its superb dining experience. This restaurant stands out not just for its culinary offerings but also for the exceptional service and ambiance that complements the exquisite meals. Patrons can enjoy dinner with friends and family in an environment that is both welcoming and professional, surrounded by attentive staff that ensures a memorable dining experience.

The restaurant specializes in seafood, offering a menu that emphasizes freshness and quality. Its reputation for excellence in buffets showcases a variety of dishes that cater to diverse tastes, all presented with a high level of quality and decoration. Sea Grill Marbella has established itself as a destination for those seeking a Mediterranean dining experience that combines the best of cuisine and service in a luxurious setting.

Enjoy the resturant in Marbella with a view

Mamzel Marbella

Mamzel Marbella, located in the heart of the Golden Mile, represents a fusion of modernity, sophistication, and exoticism. Since its inauguration in June 2020, Mamzel has established itself as a unique gem offering a musical dinner show that combines dining with entertainment. This innovative concept was born from the intuition and efforts of its founders, including Guy Sirre and their third partner, who pushed forward despite the challenges presented by the pandemic in 2020.

Part of the Casanis Group, Mamzel Marbella stands out not just for its food but for the entire dining experience it offers. It has been compared to the luxury dining experiences found in Paris and New York, aiming to deliver an unparalleled atmosphere of elegance and excitement.

The restaurant’s menu reflects this ambition, with a focus on delivering international cuisine that surpasses borders, even expanding its presence with a pop-up restaurant in Saudi Arabia.

Mamzel Marbella is not just a place to eat; it’s a venue where dinner is transformed into a spectacle, making every visit memorable.

Enjoy the resturant in Marbella with a view

Nobu Restaurant Marbella

Nobu Restaurant Marbella, a distinguished Japanese restaurant, is a part of the global Nobu hospitality brand founded by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa. This restaurant offers a minimalist Japanese dining experience that is enhanced by its ‘New Style’ Japanese fusion cuisine. Set against the backdrop of Marbella’s luxury lifestyle, Nobu Marbella combines striking interiors designed by Jean-Pierre Martel with the use of fine natural materials, creating an ambiance that is both sophisticated and inviting.

The restaurant’s menu is a homage to Nobu’s signature dishes, offering a taste of the innovative flavors that have made the Nobu brand a worldwide phenomenon. The dining experience is complemented by a selection of gin-based cocktails, which are crafted using indigenous ingredients, adding a local touch to the international cuisine.

Located within the Puente Romano area, Nobu Marbella is part of an ambitious expansion that includes the Nobu Hotel Marbella, a luxury beach resort offering sophisticated designed rooms and spa facilities. Nobu Marbella not only serves as a culinary destination but also embodies a lifestyle, attracting diners with its exquisite food, elegant setting, and commitment to excellence.

Enjoy the resturant in Marbella with a view

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